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Scientific report said that the medications for the pain caused the deaths of about two thousand people a year in Britain

It is known that it could be some anti-inflammatory drugs side effects on the inner membrane of the stomach lining, causing an ulcer, bleeding and Tafnat

These medicines are prescribed mostly for arthritis-related illnesses, or other Kmahdiat such as aspirin

But doctors from the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford in Britain said that the probability of death among drug addicts in the use of these drugs up to one out of every thousand people

This figure is equivalent to about two thousand deaths associated with pain-killing drug in Britain each year

But despite the fact that these sedatives may be precipitated the death of a number of people, it seems that many of the patients were advanced in age, there are other reasons caused and understand

It is noteworthy that nearly eight million people in Britain each year consult their doctors about diseases related to inflammation of the joints, and Bakderma spend in therapy Bakderma stronger painkillers prescribed to them impact

A minimum number of doses

The writer says the study published in the magazine - between - meaning pain that patients must take the minimum effective dose in the least possible number of times

Says Dr. Mark Cottrell, a member of one of the Societies of Gastroenterology, the effects of analgesic drugs seem clear on the equipment, patients taking this type of medication

He says that he vexed problem, I am standing on the results when I look at people in the hospital, but I as a physician, I recommend my patients use these drugs because they can be effective in stopping the inflammation

It corrects, saying: But I do not hesitate to persuade people to dissuade them, when possible